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Tiger Prey is a Professional Website Design Company providing Website, Blog, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization Services.


What is a Blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website that consists primarily of "posts" (discrete article entries) that are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, meaning most recent post is displayed first. For businesses, a Blog is helpful in discussing specific topics, while giving you the ability to create categories that a specific "post" will be organized into.

For Example; You can great a category named "Family Law." The you can write a post (article) about child custody issues and assign the article to be available for your blog visitors when they go to your family law category of your blog.

Why should I create a Blog?

When used properly, a Blog can be helpful by benefiting your website and the Search Engine Optimization of your Website. Below we will discuss the benefits of an External Blog and an Internal Website Blog:

External Blog: An external Blog is when your Blog is located at a separate website address and hosting account than your current website. Your External Blog can benefit your current website when you provide a link to your current website in your post (articles). The error that most people make is that they ignore the fact that reciprocal links do not carry the same weight in search engine optimization as nonreciprocal links. A reciprocal link is a shared link (blog and website both link to one another), while a nonreciprocal link is not a shared link (the blog provides a link to the website and the website does not link back). Many businesses want to draw attention to their blog by providing a graphic or text based link to their blog on their website.

But here is the issue... They are already on your website. Why would you want them to leave your website? Visitors of your website that leave your website early to view your Blog can increase your websites bounce rate, and may lower your "visitor time on site" website statistics. These are factors of search engine algorithms. So I ask again... Why would you want someone to leave your website that has already found you and has started navigating your website?

Internal Website Blog: An internal Blog is when your blog is contained inside the same hosing account as your current website. The main advantage is that because the blog is contained inside your website, every article that you "post" will aid the search engine algorithm issue of "size of site." Additionally, when your website visitors click on your blog to read articles, this also adds in a positive way to the stats of your website for "time on site." The longer you can keep someone on your site it benefits your website for search engine ranking position purposes. Another advantage of an Internal Website Blog is that you can provide the graphic and/or text based links to your blog on your current website without having to worry about how the reciprocal and nonreciprocal links to and from your blog will affect the optimization of your website.

What is Social Media?

Social media refers to online virtual communities and networks where where people interact by creating, sharing, and/or exchange information and ideas. Some social media sites are more popular than others, and the different platforms may be intended for general public, interest groups, or business.

Some of the most popular Social Media Websites include: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram, YouTube, Tumbler, and Flicker.

Why should Join and/or use Social Media?

Social Media provides you the opportunity to share your company with those who also use Social Media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin can give you the opportunity to ask your friends, followers, or other businesses to go to your website. If you can get enough people to visit your website this can dramatically increase your "unique visitors", "pages viewed", and "time on site" stats, thus potentially giving your website an upward spike in your search engine placement. Social media websites that have a "like" or equivalent feature can also give your website a boost when a lot of people "like" your site on their Facebook page.

Social Media officially became a relevant element in search engine algorithms just a few short years ago. Since Social Media websites come and go, the jury is still out on how much longer Social Media will be rated a high factor in the algorithms. However, various forms of social media are here to stay and will seemingly always play some roll in search engine algorithms.

Why should I choose Tiger Prey to Set Up My Blog(s) and/or Social Media?

As the designer and/or promoter of your website(s), it is simply easier to let us set up your Blog(s) and/or Social Media so that you can be assured that you will have the proper instruction how to use and maintain these elements in an effective manner to help your website. We only help set up Blog(s) and Social Media for companies that we design their website or promote with our external SEO services.


Professional Website Design Company providing Website, Blog, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization Services.