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Responsive Website Design Services

Tiger Prey is a Professional Website Design Company providing Responsive Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.

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What is a Responsive Website?

A Responsive Website is a website that has been formatted to properly display and function across all types of electronic devices.

There are two ways that a website may be considered a responsive website:

  1. Responsive Website For Type of Device: Format the website to change its structure depending on the type of device the internet user is viewing the website from... (Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.

    This was the first style of Responsive Website Design. While still a viable format for responsive website design, because of the various sizes of tables and cellular phones, this method is already becoming a dinosaur.

  2. Responsive Website For Screen Size: Format the website to morph to the screen size the website is being viewed from, regardless of the type of device. This is the new standard for Responsive Website Design because the website automatically morphs to be viewed properly regardless of the type of device and the screen size viewing of the viewing device.

It is important to mention that with responsive website design becoming the standard and the future of all website design, there are also traps that an individual or business can fall into that could be detrimental in the development of your website.

One of the Traps or Detrimental Responsive Website issues include the use of templet based do-it-yourself platforms. These platforms give you absolutely zero direction in how to properly use your H-Tags, incorporate proper content implementation, or internal website search engine procedures.

The point is, if you want your responsive website to help acheive success for your business, you should not take the development of your responsive website lightly. You should want your responsive website to be developed with the current standards in both development and Internal Website Search Engine Optimization.

Tiger Prey prides itself on maintaining current website development techniques, standards, and Intenal Website SEO. We always inform our clients when modifications to Search Engine algorithms have been made that would affect their website and potential ranking prosions in Google and other search engines.

At Tiger Prey, we beleive in doing it right the first time, and keeping our clients informed. That is the way business should be done each and every time.


Professional Website Design Company providing Website and Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.