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Tiger Prey is a Professional Website Design Company providing Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Website Design, Mobile Website Design, Blog, and Social Media Services.

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What is Search Engine Optimization or "SEO"?

In short, Search Engine Optimization is what is used to get your website noticed, indexed, and ranked in the search engines. There are many components or criteria, called "algorithms", that search engine use to determine how high your website should be ranked. Most Search Engines act independently from each other, using their own algorithms to make this determination.

One inherent truth about search engines is that they do not care who you are, what your reputation is, how wealthy or poor you are, who you know, or what you think you deserve. To get your website ranked high in the search engines, you must adhere to and incorporate what the search engines want.

Why is Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" So Difficult to Master?

Search Engine algorithms change all the time, including changing how much weight a specific criteria is given in the algorithm package and adding or deleting algorithm criteria. The algorithms each search engine use have become so complex they contain separate categories of criteria that are designed to reward, ignore, or to penalize your website when determining not only where your website should be ranked, but if it should be ranked or indexed at all. With every roll-out of new algorithms for a search engine, there are website designers and SEO Companies that try to develop a way to exploit the new algorithms. While this may work short term, when the search engines discover what these exploitation procedures are, they modify their algorithms to make exploitive SEO practices punishable offenses against the search engine, and to penalize the websites that use exploitive practices or even "black-list" the website entirely.

So How Do You Achieve Higher Rankings Using Search Engine Optimization Properly?

The answer is the only easy thing about search engine optimization... DO WHAT THE SEARCH ENGINES WANT. While many aspects of Search Engine Optimization regularly change, THE BASICS ALWAYS STAY THE SAME:

For Internal Website Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Each page of your website should have unique content that focuses on your target keywords;
  2. Use keywords based on what consumers enter into the search engines, not solely based on the terminology you use when talking with others in your industry;
  3. Spell check your content;
  4. Use your keywords in your page tiles, in h-tags, as hyper links, as bold and/or italicized font, in the correct positions of the page, and in correct order when phrasing;
  5. Make sure your meta tags match the content on each individual page of your website;
  6. Use your keywords in your meta tags;
  7. Do not Keyword load (overuse) your page content or meta tags.

For External Website Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Make sure that websites providing links to your website (inbound links) are of a similar topic or industry;
  2. Know that "trading links with other companies" (reciprocal links) does not carry the same weight (importance) in search engine algorithms as "one-way links" (nonreciprocal links) do.
  3. Use your Social Media to promote your website, not the other way around;
  4. Avoid using link-farms (any group of web sites that all hyper-link to every other site in the group).

These are just a few of the things we must address when developing a professional website and incorporating proper SEO practices in order to get your website noticed, indexed, and ranked high in the search engines.

Why should I choose Tiger Prey to Optimize my Website, or to Design, Re-Design, Maintain, or Promote MY Mobile Website?

Tiger Prey takes tremendous pride in seeing the big picture regarding search engine optimization, and how to effectively incorporate proper internal and external website search engine optimization practices.

Because most web designers have no idea how to use search engine optimization, they try to sell you on how great they can make your website look and all the bells and whistles they can add to your website. You can have the most beautiful website on the planet, but if you do not have proper SEO, you will most likely have a beautiful website that will never be seen by people that do not already know who you are.

Another issue we want you to be aware of is that if a person or company calls you and tells you they know what they are talking about because they used to work for Google or any other search engine... Run away. Google and other search engines are so protective of the secrets of their algorithms that their employees are never privileged to the secrets of there algorithms. They also make their employees sign non-compete agreements that forbids employees to divulge any of their company secrets. Sure the person may have worked at Google, but it certainly does not mean they know any more about SEO than a professional website designer that studies search engines to better serve their clients.


Professional Website Design Company providing Search Engine Optimization - SEO, Website Design, Mobile Website Design, Blog, and Social Media Services.