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Tiger Prey is a Professional Website Design Company providing Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.

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What is a Website?

A website can be described an interactive Online business card that millions of people can access at any time. Your website may serve a number of functions such as: Attract and present your business to those who do not know who you are; to update information that is important for current or perspective clients; to present the various products and/or services of your business in great detail; and to present the desired perception of your company to the public.

Your website may include as many pages as needed to discuss the various topics, products and/or services, and issues you want to share with the public. Each page of your website may be as general or detailed as you need to get your message to the public.

What does a Website consist of?

A website is comprised of various pages of information that are built using HTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA Script, CSS, and a host of other website languages or programs. A very basic website generally consists of a HOME page, ABOUT US, page, SERVICES or PRODUCTS page, and a CONTACT US page.

More extensive websites may have various different categories (main topics) that have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of individual pages that relate to these specific categories (main topics). While your websites text (content) and corresponding meta tags are the most important thing in your website for search engines, to enhance the user experience of your website visitors, you may also add various features to your website, such as audio and video, contact forms, images and image galleries, rollover effects, flash, drop-down menus, links to other websites, and a host of other dynamic features.

How do you make a website effective?

Let me be the first to tell you that if you choose to simply just go basic, and/or do not properly incorporate effective internal search engine optimization into your website, you are most likely waisting your money and you will have little or no chance of achieving Top 10 search engine ranking positions for the keywords you want to be noticed for. Having a website that includes different pages for each subject relating to specific categories will always give you a better chance of being ranked high in the search engines.

Example Problem: A Criminal Defense Attorney's website that has an "Areas of Practice" page that contains a simply "list of services" for the corresponding legal services relating to Criminal Defense is limiting his or her ability to be noticed in the search engines because the message is short and diluted.

Example Solution: A Criminal Defense Attorney's website that has an "Areas of Practice" page has also included separate pages dedicated to issues such as "Assault", DUI Defense", "Drug Crimes", "Felony Crime Defense", "Misdemeanor Crime Defense", and other relevant criminal defense issues... This attorney has expanded his or her message, increased the optimization opportunities for the website, increased the size of site, and may be viewed as being even more credible by potential consumers.

Optimizing each individual page of your website for the content that is contained on each individual page is not just recommended, it is a requirement. There are many other issues that must be addressed in order to make your website effective for search engines ranking placement positions, which we can discuss with you personally.

Website Design Conclusion

A professional and effective website often provides a business with the highest "Return-On-Investment" (ROI) with regards to other advertising platforms. Statistics show that over 85% of the public uses the Internet, and according to a recent study by BIA/Kelsey, nearly all consumers (97 percent) now use Online media (whether it is Online or on smart phones) when researching products or services in their local area. This translates to up to 82.45% of your local population that has the potential of finding you when they search for a product or service, depending on your industry.

Why should I choose Tiger Prey to Design, Re-Design, Maintain, or Promote MY Website?

Tiger Prey is one of the most aggressive website development and optimization companies in the country. We put a tremendous effort into the design, function, and internal optimization of your website. We custom make each and every website from scratch, including writing the content for 95% of our clients. In addition, we are one of the only website design and optimization companies that owns and operates it's own SEO supporting website platforms that provide the external search engine optimization your website needs to climb in the search engine rankings.

Tiger Prey does not charge extra fees for to add additional elements to your website, such as flash, contact forms, or any of the other bells and whistles that go into your website. We provide you a quote that is all inclusive, regardless of the extra features.

We also do not use contracts... we invoice our clients.. If we are not doing the job you expected, you are not obligated to remain unhappily locked into a 2 or 3 year contract, like many of our competitors do. You can simply fire us. In a sense you can say we are old fashioned... We still believe in the "gentleman's handshake" and living up to our word as a way of doing business.


Professional Website Design Company providing Website and Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.