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The Truth About Websites Designed by Telephone and Directory Companies

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Most Websites that are created by Phone Company and Phone Directory companies are some of the worst websites we have ever seen. Here are the main issues we have with Phone Company and Phone Directory generated websites:

  1. Poor Quality Websites: Phone Company and Phone Directory generated are template based websites. It is not uncommon for multiple companies in the same town to have a website with the same exact design. These website templates that Phone and Directory Companies use are without a doubt, some of the most inferior website products we have ever seen. Bad Design, poor support, inferior navigation structure, often times missing essential meta tags completely. Simply put, a very bad product compared to what professional web design companies can offer.

  2. Large Amount of Clients in the Same Geographic Area: Phone Company and Phone Directory Companies provide websites from hundreds to thousands of companies in a given city or county. Where this becomes a huge issue is if they provide website services for 20, 30, or more companies in the same industry in the same geographic area. How do they choose who they will give a greater effort to push their website into the Top 10 of the Search Engines. The answer is simple, whoever pays them a premium price to provide extra support and services. This leaves many of their clients out in the cold, stuck in a contract for a website that does not produce results because it has no chance of getting into the Top 10 in the search engines.

    We believe that ANY company that provides website design services and deliberately hinders their ability to produce results for ALL of their clients because they have chosen to take on more clients than they have the ability to put into the First Page of the Search Engines is putting their own profit before their clients results... and that is a bad faith business practice in our opinion.

  3. Owning Your Domain (website address/URL): We cannot count the number of times we have taken over the Design and Maintenance of a website for a client that was using a Phone Company or Phone Directory Company for their website, only to find out that the Phone Company or Phone Directory Company purchased the client's Domain Name (website address/URL) under their own companies name, not the clients. Then we have to go through the process of setting up a new account with GoDaddy and have the domain transfered into the client's new GoDaddy Account so the Hosting Package and Domain Name is with the same company. This also often becomes an issue with the email account for the company as well, because of the IP Address for the emails being with the Phone or Directory Company.

    When we set up a client's Domain Name and Hosting Account, we ALWAYS tell them to NEVER let another company control your domain name (website address/URL). We tell them to control it, so no-one will ever be able to hold your domain name hostage. If the Phone or Directory Company purchases your Domain Name under their company, make no mistake about it... They own your domain name, not you. We have had situations where our new client has had to take the company that purchased their domain to court in order to gain control of what the client should have owned all along. Purchasing your Domain Name under their own company name is a common practice of Phone and Directory Companies.

  4. Copyrighted Content: When you purchase a website from a company, you would expect to be able to use the information on your website as you see fit. This is not always the case. With few exceptions, the Phone and Directory Company owns all the content on your website, not you. That means, you cannot develop your own additional website using part or all of the content without the Phone or Directory Companies consent. If your do not renew your contract with them, you loose all rights to use the content that was contained in the website. This includes text, pictures, designs... You loose the rights to everything.

  5. Contracts and Quality of Service: Phone and Directory Companies always work with clients on a contract basis. The contract always is written to protect them, not you. The can make any claim of the quality of service they want, but if it is not in the contract, they do not have to live up to anything that is not in the contract that you sign. Regardless if they produce the number of calls they promise you or not, if you do not pay, your account will be suspended, your account will be sent to collections, and they WILL sue you to get their money. We have seen clients that went out of business that were still getting sued by these companies.

Phone and Directory Companies employ business practices and inferior products & services that we would not ever dream of entertaining as any viable function or business practice at our company. We believe that if your not successful, we're not successful. We simply cannot fathom how an industry can operate in a fashion that does not give every client the tools and effort for the success of their company. Profit above your clients needs and results should NEVER be a way to conduct business.


Professional Website Design Company providing Website and Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.