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The Truth About Search Engine Optimization Companies

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Search Engine Optimization Companies:

Search Engine Optimization companies are a tricky topic. Search Engine Optimization Companies are dedicated to pushing your website into the First Page of the Search Engines. The problems we have with Search Engine Optimization Companies are:

  1. Limited Keywords: You have to buy "keyword packages" that limits the number of keywords they will pay any attention to. Many small to medium size companies can only afford the smaller packages that include 20 keywords. Well if your a company that provides various services that exceed the amount of keywords you can afford to promote with them... so what. You are limited by how much you can afford to pay, and many times you have to be the one that notices you have slipped off the first page in Google before they will go back to work on getting your website back into the Top 10 in Google and other Search Engines. All the while, you are still paying them.

  2. High Cost: The Fees are high for their services. There are companies that are actually paying Search Engine Optimization Companies, for just local SEO Services, ranging from $500.00 a month to over $20,000.00 a month. We see this as an outrageous amount of money, especially since we can push your website into the Top 10 (first page) for a fraction of the cost SEO Companies charge.

  3. Google Employees: I see countless emails that are sent to clients (who are already in the Top 10) with statements about how "They used to work at Google, and know how to get your website into the Top 10 in Google."

    Well my question is, how much turnover does Google have if everyone out there worked at Google. Also, Google fiercely defends their proprietary corporate secrets and algorithms. Do you really think Google would not have their employees sign non-compete agreements with regards to divulging or using company secrets to for their own profit. Someone that used to work at Google does not have any more insight into getting your website into the Top 10 than a professional Website Designer that actually studies search engines on a regular basis.

    Tiger Prey makes a diligent effort to always keep up with changes in Search Engine Algorithms in order to remain current. Search Engines never tell you everything. You have to put the time in to see the trends and proper techniques. Yes, proper and aggressive Search Engine Optimization is required to get you ranked high the search engines, but it doesn't take a former employee of Google to do it (or someone that "claims" they used to work for Google).

We have placed hundreds of client websites in the Top 10 in Google and the other Search Engines simply by implementing proper and effective Internal Website Optimization, with proper support from the SEO Support Websites we own and operate ourselves, and advising our clients to run their Social Media Campaigns in a manner that actually helps their website. Our goal is to optimize every page of your website for the keywords for each individual page of your website... NOT to price gouge you for additional keywords you your website may need.


Professional Website Design Company providing Website and Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Social Media Services.